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Calgary may be staring to see the housing market on the rise, but will it last?

The Calgary market may finally be passed it’s lowest stage, but don’t hold your breath. It is true that homes seem to be selling again, and some are even getting multiple offers, so that’s a maj…
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Maintenance Today, Gain Tomorrow!

Home staging is truly about presentation and gaining a positive edge in a competitive market. However, as of late I have come by a few homes that need far more work than just the usual freshen up and …
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Staging Advice: Organize your spaces to get your home ready to sell!

Staging Advice: Organize your spaces to get your home ready to sell! When getting your home ready for a sale it is important that even the most overlooked spaces are organized and ready. If you are an…
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The Importance of Using a Realtor

As of late I’ve been doing a fair number of home evaluations, and have stumbled onto something that I find a tad baffling, and more to the point disconcerting. Several of the folks that I’ve d…
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Client one review

So happy we chose to go with Doug Hayden & Kim! An absolute pleasure working with them and meeting them! Always were right there when needed and so experienced and knowledgable of the market. Than…
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